10 Best Things to do in Finland

Finland offers a diverse range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy, made even more accessible and convenient with bus rental in Finland. When you venture to the northern regions of Finland, such as Lapland, during the winter months, you’ll have the opportunity to experience one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena in the world – the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This is truly one of the most amazing experiences you can have in a lifetime, and with the convenience of bus rental in Finland, your journey to witness this spectacular display of nature’s beauty becomes even more accessible and enjoyable.

As the ground is blanketed in pristine white snow and the surroundings become tranquil, the light emitted from the Aurora Borealis paints a magnificent picture across the night sky. Bands of green, pink, purple, and sometimes red lights spread across the sky like ethereal paintings, creating an unforgettable sensation. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Finland:

Northern Lights Viewing transfer by Bus rental in Finland

With bus rental in Finland, when you venture to the northern regions of Finland, such as Lapland, during the winter months, you’ll have the opportunity to experience one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena in the world – the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This is truly one of the most amazing experiences you can have in a lifetime.

As the ground is blanketed in pristine white snow and the surroundings become tranquil, the light emitted from the Aurora Borealis paints a magnificent picture across the night sky. Bands of green, pink, purple, and sometimes red lights spread across the sky like ethereal paintings, creating an unforgettable sensation.

For the best experience, choose a viewing spot away from city lights and minimal traffic. Here, you can witness the Northern Lights more vividly and also have the opportunity to admire the pristine and serene natural landscape of Lapland’s mountainous forests.

Be sure to prepare a high-quality camera or camcorder to capture these memorable moments. It’s important to be cautious and patient because, despite weather forecasts, the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and cannot be accurately predicted.

During this Northern Lights hunting trip, you’ll have the chance to experience the marvel and beauty of nature, along with the excitement of anticipating and waiting each night. This truly is an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

Northern Lights Viewing

Northern Lights Viewing

Husky Sledding experience with bus rental in Finland

A true experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, a husky sledding adventure through the snowy landscapes of Finland is a genuine thrill. Sitting atop the sled, guided by powerful husky dogs through pristine white forests and small villages, you’ll feel a special connection between humans and nature. For added convenience and ease of exploration, consider utilizing bus rental in Finland to reach the starting point of your husky sledding adventure.

Husky dogs are fantastic companions on this adventure. With their strength, agility, and friendly nature, they provide an experience unlike any other. You can sense their excitement as they dash through the snow, leaving striking tracks behind.

Several tour operators in Lapland offer husky sledding trips ranging from a few hours to a full day. You can choose between driving your own husky team or enjoying the ride as a passenger, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about controlling the pack of dogs.

More than just a fun and exhilarating activity, husky sledding also provides an opportunity to explore the beauty of the Arctic nature and experience genuine outdoor life. This is an experience not to be missed when visiting Finland in winter.

Husky Sledding

Husky Sledding

Santa Claus Village traveling here by bus rental in Finland

Imagine spending a day meeting Santa Claus, and nothing compares to experiencing that at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. It’s considered the official home of Santa Claus, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. For added convenience and ease of exploration, consider utilizing bus rental in Finland to reach Rovaniemi and the magical Santa Claus Village.

At Santa Claus Village, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus face to face. You can share your dreams and wishes with him and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, you can also enjoy crossing the Arctic Circle, where crossing the border between two halves of the Earth is truly a special experience.

Santa Claus Village also offers a variety of fun winter activities, including snowmobile rides and reindeer sleigh rides. This makes it an ideal destination not only for children but also for families and nature lovers.

Santa Claus Village is not just a tourist destination but also a symbol of the holiday spirit and compassion. Experiencing this village will give you an unforgettable experience, with impressive memories of the holiday season and the joy of childhood.

Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village

Sauna Experience when hiring a bus rental in Finland

Participating in Finland’s sauna culture is an essential part of your travel experience. Here, you’ll not only enjoy the warmth and relaxation in traditional sauna rooms but also engage in fun events and activities with family and friends.

In Finland’s sauna culture, outdoor excursions often include a sauna experience. For example, you can join trekking tours through forests or paddling trips on lakes, followed by a traditional sauna session. This is a great opportunity to connect with nature and feel the tranquility and peace.

Moreover, in some tour programs, you can also engage in activities like swimming in the lake after sauna bathing, or even participate in traditional Finnish games like throwing stones into hot water from a distance.

With its unique sauna culture, Finland offers travelers not only health and relaxation experiences but also opportunities to enjoy joyful moments and create memories with loved ones and friends.

Let’s explore this place with PTBusrental by searching the keyword “bus rental in Finland.”

Sauna Experience

Sauna Experience

Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park with bus rental in Finland services

At Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Arctic animals. Here, you can observe polar bears, reindeer, moose, and other native wildlife in a natural setting.

This experience not only allows you to see animals that are typically found in snowy regions but also enables you to participate in activities such as playing and taking memorable photos with them. You can feel a sense of closeness and immerse yourself in their natural world, creating unforgettable memories.

Visiting Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park also contributes to the conservation of endangered species. By engaging in these tourism activities, you not only experience the beauty of nature but also support conservation programs and research on these animals.

Furthermore, bringing your children to visit is a great way to educate and explore the natural world. Children will have the opportunity to learn and experience the diversity of wildlife and how we can preserve and protect it.

In summary, visiting Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park is not only an educational and entertaining experience but also an opportunity to participate in the conservation and protection of nature and wildlife.

Don’t forget to explore this place with bus rental in Finland.

Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park

Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park

National Parks of Finland 

When you visit national parks in Finland like Urho Kekkonen, Nuuksio, and Lemmenjoki, you’ll immerse yourself in the beauty of the wild nature. However, these places also offer you a relaxing experience and the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere alongside stunning landscapes. Here are some outdoor activities you can engage in when visiting national parks in Finland:

Bus rental in Finland Hiking: Explore hiking trails and paths in national parks like Urho Kekkonen. Diverse landscapes from pine forests to vibrant flower fields will surprise and captivate you.

  • Wildlife Spotting: Parks like Lemmenjoki provide excellent opportunities to spot wild animals such as bears, wolves, and reindeer.
  • Photography: Passionate about photography? Finnish national parks are ideal places to capture beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife.
  • Camping: If you want a closer experience with nature, you can camp in designated camping areas within national parks.
  • Canoeing/Kayaking: If you visit Nuuksio National Park, you can rent a canoe or kayak to explore the lakes and rivers in the park.
  • Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, bring your fishing rod and enjoy fishing in the lakes and rivers within national parks.

These outdoor activities will help you fully enjoy and explore the natural beauty of Finland in a diverse way.

Don’t forget to arrange a bus rental in Finland for your travel convenience.

National Parks

National Parks

Helsinki Sightseeing with PTBusrental’s services in Finland

Bus rental in Finland (Helsinki) is the most popular keyword. So, I will introduce to you the reasons of Helsinki is the best choice in Finland. Exploring the vibrant capital city of Helsinki is an amazing experience, blending modern design with historical architecture. Here are some famous tourist spots in Helsinki, along with some travel tips:

  • Helsinki Cathedral: As the city’s icon, the Helsinki Cathedral is a beautiful architectural masterpiece with its iconic towers and pristine white color. You can climb to the top of the towers to enjoy panoramic views of the city.
  • Suomenlinna Sea Fortress: Situated on a group of islands in the Gulf of Helsinki, Suomenlinna Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore exhibition rooms and learn about the fortress’s history, or relax on the coastline and enjoy the beautiful sea view.
  • Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church): One of Helsinki’s most unique attractions, the Rock Church is carved from natural rock and features a glass dome roof, creating an impressive interior space.

Travel Tips:

  • Entrance Tickets: Before visiting, check if there are entrance tickets required for attractions like the Helsinki Cathedral and the Rock Church to save waiting time at the entrance.
  • Public Transportation: Using public transportation is convenient and cost-effective for getting around the city. You can purchase a tourist pass to save additional costs.
  • Walking: Exploring Helsinki’s old town by foot is an enjoyable experience and allows you to discover more off-the-beaten-path destinations not mentioned in official travel guides.
  • Weather: Be mindful of the weather conditions when visiting Helsinki, especially in winter when it can be very cold. Bring warm clothing and take precautions for yourself.
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Helsinki is during spring and summer when the weather is warm and there are plenty of outdoor activities.

Exploring Helsinki is a memorable experience, and with these travel tips, you’ll have an exciting and budget-friendly trip. To see more activities in Helsinki, click here to find out.

Midsummer Festivities:

Participating in the Juhannus festival in Finland is an unforgettable experience. You’ll immerse yourself in the lively festival atmosphere, where people gather to enjoy special moments together. Here, the tradition of lighting bonfires becomes an important ritual, as everyone gathers around the fire circle to enjoy warmth and joy. Along with sauna bathing and enjoying traditional meals, you’ll experience the magic and liveliness of the Juhannus festival, immersing yourself in the local culture naturally and impressively.

Helsinki Sightseeing

Helsinki Sightseeing

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing 

Experience the beauty of Finland’s snow-covered landscapes by trying snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, a fantastic way to enjoy the winter season. Many ski resorts and national parks offer well-maintained trails suitable for all skill levels. Here, you can immerse yourself in vast snow-covered trails, enjoying the feeling of freedom and tranquility amidst the white snowy expanse. When you want to go here and ski, Bus rental in Finland is the best choice to try.

Additionally, you can enjoy warm moments of relaxation at snow resorts, where cozy fireplaces help you unwind after a day of skiing. Resorts typically provide modern amenities and excellent customer service to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable resting experience. 

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Food and Drink Tasting planned tours

Indulge in Finnish cuisine by trying local delicacies such as reindeer dishes, smoked salmon, Karelian pasties, and traditional desserts like cinnamon buns and bilberry pie. Complement your meal with Finnish beverages like cloudberry liqueur or Finnish vodka (such as Koskenkorva or Finlandia).

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or culinary delights, Finland has something to offer for every traveler.

Food and Drink Tasting

Food and Drink Tasting

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church also known as the Rock Church, is one of the most unique attractions in Helsinki. Carved from a single piece of natural rock and featuring a stunning glass dome ceiling, it creates an impressive interior space that draws visitors from around the world.

Upon arriving at the Rock Church, visitors are immediately struck by its remarkable architecture and serene atmosphere. Many describe feeling a sense of awe and wonder as they step inside and gaze up at the intricate rock walls and the sunlight streaming through the glass dome above.

Inside the church, visitors often take a moment to pause and reflect, appreciating the peaceful ambiance and the beautiful acoustics created by the natural rock walls. Some choose to attend a worship service or a musical performance, taking advantage of the church’s unique acoustics for a truly memorable experience.

Overall, visitors to the Rock Church leave with a sense of admiration for its innovative design and spiritual significance, making it a must-see destination for anyone visiting Helsinki. For convenient transportation to and from this iconic site, consider utilizing bus rental in Finland services.

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church


Exploring the wonders of Finland offers an array of breathtaking experiences for travelers. Throughout this article, the mention of “bus rental in Finland” has highlighted the convenience and accessibility of transportation options for visitors to discover the country’s beauty. Additionally, PTBusrental provides various tour packages, catering to different interests and preferences.

From witnessing the enchanting Northern Lights in Lapland to engaging in thrilling husky sledding adventures, Finland captivates with its natural marvels. Furthermore, attractions like the Rovaniemi Arctic Wildlife Park and the unique Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki offer immersive cultural and spiritual encounters.

For those eager to embark on unforgettable journeys across Finland’s landscapes, PTBusrental offers comprehensive tour options to enhance their travel experiences. To explore more tour opportunities and transportation services, click “see more” to access PTBusrental’s offerings. Whether seeking outdoor adventures, cultural explorations, or culinary delights, Finland promises an unforgettable journey for every traveler.

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Explore Finland in 4 Days: A Wonderful Journey

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, where many wild natural beauties were born and existed for decades with the beauty of the motherland. Because the nature here is so lively, there are many different residential areas, tribes, or ethnic groups with diverse cultures living.

Making Finland an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy immersion in unspoiled nature and experience unique cultural experiences. With more than 188,000 large and small lakes and dense forests covering nearly 75% of the land area, Finland is an ideal destination for those who love the harmony between nature and people.

Finland’s unique culture is expressed through cultural traditions, art, and architecture, along with local cuisine. This country is also famous for its development in technology and education, and is also the hometown of Santa Claus, creating a rich and diverse picture of culture and life.

Finland is not only a great travel destination but also a place where you can experience the unique life and culture of the Nordic people. With a specific travel plan, you explore Finland in 4 days.

Day 1: Helsinki – Explore Finland Dynamic Capital

Starting your journey in the capital city of Helsinki, you can explore famous tourist attractions such as the Presidential Palace, the National Theater, and the Uspenski Monastery. Explore the city’s cultural side by enjoying local cuisine at restaurants like Restaurant Savotta, where you can enjoy traditional Finnish dishes.



The journey begins when you arrive in the capital city of Helsinki where you can explore famous places such as:

  • Presidential Palace_It is not only the workplace of the President of Finland but also a place to organize important events, and international meetings and welcome international guests.
  • National Theater is not only a performing arts facility but also a place connected to the history, culture, and society of this country.
  • The Uspenski Monastery is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Northern Europe.

After enjoying the journey of cultural discovery as well as activities to admire the architectural beauty and historical relics here. Let’s stop together to taste the cuisine in this city!

Restaurant Savotta is an ideal destination for those who want to explore local cuisine in Helsinki. Housed in a traditional wooden house, this restaurant offers not only delicious traditional Finnish dishes but also a unique cultural experience with its professional interior and ambiance.

Day 2: Espoo – Explore Finland Wind of Natural Power

Take a day to explore Espoo, a beautiful small city located near Helsinki. Visit Korkeasaari Zoo, where you can get up close and personal with rare animals. Then relax at Nuuksio Lake, where you can enjoy activities like hiking, fishing and even kayaking on the lake.

Take a day to explore Espoo, a beautiful small city located near Helsinki. Coming to Espoo, you can comfortably admire the natural scenery and have interesting outdoor activities here.



  • Visit Korkeasaari Zoo is located on an island in the Gulf of Finland, making it possible to observe and learn about a diverse range of animals from around the world.
  • Relax at Lake Nuuksio_where you can enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, and even kayaking on the lake.

If you are a shopping fanatic, when visiting Espoo, you cannot miss this place:

Iso Omena shopping and entertainment center is a popular and vibrant destination in Espoo, Finland. Iso Omena has a large range of stores and boutiques, including international and local brands, from fashion and footwear to homewares and beauty products. 

It also has a rich culinary scene, with many restaurants and cafes ranging from local to international dishes.

In addition to shopping, Iso Omena is also an entertainment destination with many exciting activities. The center has a modern cinema where audiences can enjoy the latest films from both Hollywood and Finland.

In addition, Iso Omena also has children’s play areas and other entertainment activities, making it an ideal destination for the whole family.

It’s the right time to explore Finland.

Day 3: Tampere – Explore Finland City of Technology and Culture

Move to Tampere, a dynamic city with an innovative tech culture. Explore the Moominvalley Museum, which honors the famous literary works of Finnish author Tove Jansson. 

Next, visit the ancient site of Amuri and enjoy lunch at the Moro Sky Bar restaurant, where you can enjoy a cozy space with panoramic views.

After a day of fun in Espoo, we will travel with you to Tampere after 2 hours of traveling by car. Come to Tampere, the city of Technology and Culture in Finland. Here you will discover history as well as participate in cultural events at the following locations:



  • Explore the Moominvalley Museum is an exciting and immersive experience for the whole family, where visitors can explore and enjoy the rich and colorful world of the Moomins and Tove Jansson’s magical stories.
  • Visit the ancient Amuri site for a special experience to better understand the history and working culture of Tampere and Finland.
  • Enjoy lunch at Moro Sky Bar restaurant_where you can enjoy a cozy space with panoramic views.

Day 4: Rovaniemi – Explore Finland Land of Santa Claus

Ending the journey in Rovaniemi, visitors will experience a true adventure into the mythical world of Santa Claus. At Santa Claus Village, visitors have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, send letters to him, and take photos with him. 



Besides, the Arctic Museum is a great place to better understand the culture and life of people living in the Northern lands. The adventure is further enriched with parachute rides through the region’s stunning landscape, creating unforgettable memories for visitors.

Conclusion: Enchanting Experience

With such a well-structured travel itinerary, a four-day explore Finland promises to be an enriching and memorable journey for travelers of all ages. From the lively streets of its capital to the unspoiled natural wonders scattered across the country, Finland offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every interest and preference.

For those interested in history and culture, Helsinki boasts an array of museums, galleries, and architectural marvels waiting to be explored. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich Finnish heritage by visiting landmarks like the iconic Helsinki Cathedral, the historic Suomenlinna Fortress, or the captivating exhibitions at the National Museum of Finland.

Nature enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by Finland’s pristine wilderness, with opportunities for hiking, wildlife spotting, and even reindeer sleigh rides in Lapland. The country’s vast network of national parks, such as Nuuksio, Riisitunturi, and Oulanka, offer breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities suitable for adventurers of all skill levels.

Families traveling with children can indulge in a variety of unique experiences, from visiting Santa Claus at his official home in Rovaniemi to exploring the interactive exhibits at Helsinki’s Science Centre Heureka. The country’s family-friendly attractions, including amusement parks, wildlife parks, and cultural events, ensure that there’s never a dull moment for younger travelers.

Food lovers will delight in Finland’s culinary scene, which showcases fresh, local ingredients and traditional flavors. Whether indulging in a hearty bowl of salmon soup, sampling reindeer delicacies, or savoring the sweetness of Finnish pastries, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Overall, Finland’s diverse array of experiences promises to leave visitors feeling fulfilled and content, making their journey to this Nordic gem a truly happy and enriching experience. Let’s explore Finland with us. 



Finland Bus Charter: 8 interesting activities during 3 days of travel in Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe, famous for its many aurora viewing locations and vibrant ice and snow festivals in the winter. Let’s explore interesting activities in Finland in 3 days on the Finland Bus Charter trip with PTBusrental.

Finland bus charter

Finland bus charter

Find out the destination of Finland Bus Charter

Our destination on the Finland Bus Charter trip is definitely Finland. In terms of geographical location, Finland borders Sweden to the west, Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Estonia to the south across the Gulf of Finland. 


With a location bordering many countries, tourism in Finland is quite developed, especially trips through different countries, such as Finland – Sweden – Norway, … Next, PTBusrental will talk about the “best” things in Finland. Finland’s capital city is Helsinki – the country’s largest city, and Finland has the most sparse population in Europe. 

Besides being known as a country with developed tourism because there are many interesting activities in Finland, the education system in Finland is also very famous, making it an ideal study abroad destination for global students.

Finland - the destination of Finland Bus Charter

Finland – the destination of Finland Bus Charter

In Finland, water covers 10% of the land area, and two-thirds of Finland’s landmass is covered with vegetation. Therefore, it is no wonder that Finland is often among the greenest countries in the world, possessing the cleanest air in the world according to WHO.

Finland is a country famous for its long winter, from November to March, and it is very cold here. Temperatures can drop as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius in the south, and in the north it can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius. 

In the summer, Finland has quite cool and pleasant weather, with temperatures around 17 – 24 degrees Celsius, it’s sunny and warm. Because of the diversity of weather, there are many interesting activities in Finland that cannot be found in other countries.

That’s why Finland’s tourist season is usually in the summer, a season with warm and cool weather, suitable for tulip gardens to bloom. However, if you are adventurous and like to see the aurora, then go to Finland in the winter. The Northern Lights in Finland are extremely beautiful and majestic, it is like a natural gift for you when you have overcome the harsh and difficult weather to get here.

4 interesting activities in 3 days on Finland Bus Charter trip in winter

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – seeing the Northern Lights

Watching the Northern Lights is an extremely famous activity, always among the top activities you should do on your Finland Bus Charter in winter trip. So what is the aurora phenomenon that attracts tourists so much? 

Aurora is a phenomenon that shines in the air near the poles due to the impact of charged light particles from the Sun. This will create many beautiful and dramatic colors in the night sky. 

Because this is a natural phenomenon, we cannot predict exactly when it will happen. However, the maximum possible time to observe the aurora is usually between 9pm and 2am. To have the best chance of seeing the aurora, you should choose a location away from city lights and make sure the sky is clear that day, without clouds or fog.

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip - Seeing the Northern Lights

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Seeing the Northern Lights

Towns famous for aurora activity in Finland, usually Rovaniemi and Ivalo. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland – a legendary land deep in the Northern part of Europe. This place is not only famous for its Santa Claus village but is also a great destination to admire beautiful landscapes. 

As night falls, Rovaniemi’s skies become illuminated by the crystal blue, purple and red light of the aurora borealis. Because the city is located near the North Pole, there are ideal conditions to observe this phenomenon. What’s special about Rovaniemi is the combination of wild natural beauty and human presence, creating a unique experience.

When you set foot in Rovaniemi, you will feel like you have entered a fairyland. The roads, the jungle surrounding the city,… all create peace, wilderness and separation from the noise of city life. From the center of Rovaniemi, you can go to aurora viewing locations such as Santa Claus Village, Ounasvaara or the surrounding countryside. 

In addition, there are other places in Finland where you can see the aurora borealis, such as Utsjoki, Kittilä, Saariselkä, Kakslauttanen, Ylläs, Kilpisjarvi, Muonio,…

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Reindeer Safaris Adventure in Lapland

The second special activity that you should not miss on the Finland Bus Charter in winter is the experience of driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer in Lapland. This is a traditional livelihood of Laplanders in general and reindeer herders in Rovaniemi in particular. 

An interesting thing is that reindeer is the symbolic animal of Lapland, Finland. And the number of reindeer here has reached 200 thousand, more than the number of people living in this area.

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip - Reindeer Safaris Adventure in Lapland

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Reindeer Safaris Adventure in Lapland

Here, you will visit the Sieriporo farm and experience the life of reindeer herders. Besides, you will hear herders explain the history, culture and important role of reindeer in this remote place.

After that, you will experience a circular ride in the snow on a snowmobile. If you want to make this activity more interesting, you can learn about “reindeer snow carriage”. And what makes you overwhelmed during the trip is not only the speed of the reindeer, or the excitement of sitting on this new vehicle, but the white scenery of mountains and trees. 

Snow covers everywhere, along with the silence of the Lapland forest. In addition, an equally interesting activity is reindeer photo hunting. While moving through the fields and snow fields, quickly take pictures of wild reindeer walking around and peeking through the snow-covered trees. These are photos that preserve interesting memories of the trip to Lapland.

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Husky Safaris Adventure

After experiencing Reindeer Safaris Adventure in Lapland, another interesting activity in Finland you should try on your Finland Bus Charter trip is Husky Safari Adventure. Similar to Reindeer Safari, Husky Safaris are a sled pulled by a pack of Husky dogs. 

When participating in the Husky Safaris experience, you will be guided by instructors on how to drive a sled on the snow, such as: how to make the Husky stop, how to turn corners safely, and how to keep a safe distance… 

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip - Husky Safaris Adventure

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Husky Safaris Adventure

During the trip, the Husky dogs will bark and howl together excitedly because they all want to race. At the end of the journey, you can spend time chatting with the trainers about their Husky dogs. Each Husky dog will have a different story, which will be very interesting.

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

PTBusrental sends you an interesting activity in Finland during the Finland Bus Charter winter trip, which is visiting Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi village, 5 km south of the Arctic Circle, in Finland, is considered the hometown of Santa Claus.

According to legend, Santa’s original home is located in the most secret and remote location in Finland. Only a few people have the opportunity to know this house. In 1985, “Santa Claus” – with the help of the people and local authorities, decided to open a company office located right in Rovaniemi. 

This is where Santa will welcome children all year round, and it also attracts many tourists from all over the world. In 2010, the village officially opened to guests and was named the official hometown of Santa Claus.

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip - Visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Finland Bus Charter in winter trip – Visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

An interesting activity in Finland for children staying at this Santa Claus village is that children can go home with proof of this magical encounter to show off to their friends because the village sells certificates showing it. The little girls and boys met the real Santa Claus. 

Every year, more than half a million children around the world write letters and send them to Santa’s official post office, where “elves” sort them by country. Today, the village has received letters from 198 countries and territories around the world. Here, the Santa Claus post office uses its signature seal, the Arctic Circle seal, featuring the image of Santa and the famous reindeer.

In addition, Rovaniemi village also has a number of entertainment spots for adults. Like the bar and restaurant Snowman World, located right near Santa’s house. Everything about this structure (from the building, the cup, etc.) is made from ice. 

Those who love the cold of snow and ice can use the ice hotel service here. This is an igloo style tent, this dining room has an image of Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh, this image is carved directly on the ice walls.

In addition, you can refer to 10 interesting things you can do when coming to Finland, here, to have more interesting activities for your trip.

4 interesting activities in 3 days on Finland Bus Charter trip in the summer

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – visit Helsinki

In the summer, interesting activities in Finland that PTBusrental would like to suggest to you on the Finland Bus Charter trip is to visit Helsinki – the capital of Finland. Nestled on the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a city built in 1550 to protect the harbor. 

Now, Helsinki has become the economic, cultural and political center of Finland. In addition, Helsinki is also known for its famous architectural works, along with its fresh nature and climate. Therefore, Helsinki was chosen as the World Design Capital in 2012, as the host of the 1952 Summer Olympics, and as host of the 52nd Eurovision in 2007.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip - Visit Helsinki

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – Visit Helsinki

Regarding the architecture of the capital city of Helsinki, when given the right to design the city center area, architect Carl Ludvig Engel designed many buildings in the Neoclassical style. The focal point of Engel’s plan is Senate Square. 

Surrounding the square are the Government Palace to the east, the University of Helsinki to the west, and the Helsinki Cathedral – which was completed in 1852, twelve years after Engel’s death – located in the North. 

Another name for Helsinki, “the white city of the North”, originates from this construction period. Some famous attractions in Helsinki include:

  • Suomenlinna Island – recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
  • Park, Esplanadin Avenue – this place can be called a miniature “Champs Elysees of Paris”.
  • Helsinki cathedral, Uspenski church
  • Finnish National Museum
  • Monument to composer Sibelius
  • Oodi Library, national library
  • Seurasaari Island – national open-air museum.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – participate in summer festivals

During the Finland Bus Charter in summer trip, take some time to attend an extremely large and interesting activity in Finland, which is the Juhannus festival, also known as Midsummer’s Day. This is a holiday celebrating midsummer, or the longest day of sunlight and shortest night of the year. 

This festival originates from ancient German customs. Previously, this holiday was celebrated in many countries across Europe. However, today, this festival is mainly held in Northern Europe and on the Baltic coast. So if you can participate in this festival, it is an extremely lucky thing for you.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip - participate in summer festivals

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – participate in summer festivals

Juhannus kokko – Juhannus bonfire, is an indispensable item during the juhannus holiday in Finland. The burning of Juhannus kokko is the most important event on the Juhannus festival night. People believe that, on the day of Juhannus, there will be many demons and evil spirits wandering around, so it is necessary to light a fire to chase them away. The bonfire will be lit at midnight before the day of Juhannus. 

All religious people will wear beautiful costumes and gather around the fire to participate in the ritual. Juhannus kokko will be assigned by the oldest person in the religion. Burning bonfires can help predict the upcoming weather and seasons. And when Juhannus kokko was burned, people began to organize many activities, games, eat, drink, dance and sing, etc.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – try delicious Finnish cuisine

An interesting activity in Finland that many tourists love on the Finland Bus Charter trip is experiencing delicious Finnish cuisine. Finnish dishes often use whole grain products (rye, barley, oats) combined with berries (blueberries,…). 

Meatballs, pea soup and rye bread are the main dishes of the people here. PTBusrental would like to suggest to you a few typical dishes with extremely interesting flavors, you should try them when you come to Finland on your Finland Bus Charter trip.

Karjalanpiirakat rice cake – a traditional dish made from thin rye crust, with rice filling. You can eat the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven, or add a layer of butter like the Finnish way.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip - try delicious Finnish cuisine

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – try delicious Finnish cuisine

Reindeer meat (Poroliha) – don’t be too surprised that in TV shows, reindeer are noble animals, but in Finland, reindeer are considered a normal livestock. Reindeer meat is a famous specialty of Lapland with high nutritional content. Reindeer meat is often processed into many different dishes such as stewed, stewed, fried, and eaten with boiled potatoes, soup, salad and sandwiches,…

Smoked salmon – a dish loved by many tourists on Finland Bus Charter trips. Most smoked salmon is pre-processed and sold in supermarkets. You can come to the supermarket, buy it to take home and prepare it your own way.

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – experience Summer Cottage

And the last activity in the list of 8 interesting activities in Finland that PTBusrental wants to suggest to you on your Finland Bus Charter for a summer trip is the Summer Cottage experience. Summer Cottage is the name of small cottages in the woods, next to the sea or a lake. 

Finland is known as the “country of a thousand lakes”, each river and lake has its own peaceful beauty. One of the interesting activities in Finland for indigenous people and tourists from all over when coming here is camping or picnicking around the lake, staying in Summer Cottages to enjoy the peace of nature. 

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip - experience Summer Cottage

Finland Bus Charter in summer trip – experience Summer Cottage

You can try organizing a barbecue here with your family, friends, and relatives to save beautiful memories, poetic scenes, and happy memories during your Finland Bus Charter trip.

Let’s board PTBusrental’s Finland Bus Charter

With 8 interesting activities in Finland that PTBusrental has suggested in the Finland bus charter (in winter trip and summer trip), we hope you have a meaningful and memorable trip.

And if you are looking for a companion for this trip, then let PTBusrental support you. We are a company specializing in providing charter bus rental services in Finland and throughout other European countries. 

PTBusrental also has private tours in Finland, exploring the beautiful country in any season of the year, with extremely interesting activities. With the modern cars we have (Mercedes, Tesla,..) we will bring you a meaningful, fun and happy trip in Finland and Europe.

Let's board PTBusrental's Finland Bus Charter

Let’s board PTBusrental’s Finland Bus Charter

Let’s do 8 interesting activities in Finland on a Finland bus charter with PTBusrental during 3 days of travel in Finland one day soon.