Plan your trip now: How to use Bus Rental Services during Olympics 2024

As the French city prepares to host the Summer Olympics in 2024, all eyes will be on Paris. The great things that “The City of Light” is known for include romance, food, culture, shopping, museums, and of course, traffic. Discover the various ways to get to each venue in Paris with bus rental services during Olympic 2024.

Some things you should know about the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics, also known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in English, are an international multi-sport competition. It will take place in Paris, the primary host city, 16 other cities in metropolitan France, and one city in Tahiti, an overseas island and a diaspora of French Polynesia. The event starts from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

The 2024 Summer Olympics program is expected to have 32 sports with 329 events. The venues can be divided into the following:

-Greater Paris Region (7 subjects)

-Paris Central Region (20 subjects)

-Versailles Region (4 subjects)

-Outside the center (7 subjects)

Picture 8: France Map 

As is evident, the Olympics are held in a variety of venues throughout each region, which will make travel difficult. In order to travel more conveniently and watch Olympic matches, guests may want bus rental during Olympics 2024.

France - The host country 

France – The host country

Getting around Paris during the Olympics with bus rental services

Be prepared for crowds whether you’re heading to one of the athletic sites or  many other summertime events in Paris.

You may probably expect heavy traffic, making using public transit the most convenient option to get around. Although they are well-organized, maps can be perplexing. Launching a map app on your smartphone can be useful if you need assistance to get to where you’re going.

More staff members will be needed to help direct people during the Olympics. Paris offers a plethora of ways to entice tourists to move during this worldwide athletic event.

Paris - city of lights 

Paris – city of lights

Olympic regions and locations

Greater Paris Region (7 subjects)

Yves du Manoir Stadium, Stade de France, Paris La Défense Arena, Porte de La Chapelle Arena, Paris Aquatics Center, Le Bourget Climbing Venue, and Arena Paris Nord are the venues where competitions will be held in this region. The national stadium of France – the Stade de France, has an 80,698 seat capacity. The French national rugby union team and football team play their international matches at this stadium. Stade de France is situated in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris. In addition, The stadium is well-connected to public transportation, with nearby access to the RER (commuter rail) and metro lines. It’s also accessible by bus and car, with ample parking available for visitors.

The Olympic venues are located rather close to one another, and this most central location is generally rather compact. You can travel between sites using public transportation in addition to the bus rental option.

Stade de France

Stade de France

Paris Central Region (20 subjects)

The Olympic Games are going to be held in Parc des Princes Stadium, Roland Garros Stadium, Philippe Chatrier Stadium, Suzanne Lenglen Stadium, Simonne Mathieu Stadium and auxiliary stadiums, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Bercy Arena, Grand Palais, Concorde Square, Bridge Iéna, Eiffel Tower Stadium, Grand Palais Éphémère, Invalides Palace. The men’s football championship game will take place at the Parc des Princes Stadium. Parc des Princes is situated in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, a residential and affluent area of the city. It is near the Porte de Saint-Cloud metro station, making it easily accessible by public transportation. The stadium is the home field of one of the best football teams in Europe, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG). It can accommodate more than 47,000 people in seats and is the venue for a variety of football games.

Unlike the Greater Paris region, the Paris Central region is larger and has more venues, and longer travel distances will make it inconvenient for visitors to watch the Olympics. Therefore, renting bus rental during Olympics 2024 move is extremely necessary

Parc des Princes Stadium

Parc des Princes Stadium

Versailles Region (4 subjects)

Versailles is the capital of the Yvelines department, in the Île-de-France administrative region of France. The Versailles Region has 4 Olympic venues: Versailles Palace, Le Golf National, Élancourt Hill, Vélodrome de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

The most prominent in this area is Versailles Palace. This is among the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Originally constructed as a hunting lodge by Louis XIII, it was eventually turned into a magnificent palace by Louis XIV, also referred to as the “Sun King.” From 1682 until the French Revolution in 1789, the palace was the main home of the French monarchy. Versailles Palace is a tribute to the strength, prosperity, and opulence of the French royalty in the 17th and 18th centuries as well as a symbol of the country’s absolute monarchy. As the site of several royal occasions, diplomatic conferences, and festivities, it had a significant influence on the history and culture of Europe.

Versailles Palace is located roughly 20 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of central Paris, which is a more realistic distance for most visitors to consider. With bus rental, visitors can easily move from the center of Paris to here without having to worry about transportation problems.

Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace

Outside the center (7 subjects)

This will be a sizable region with numerous Olympic sites in addition to nearby provinces like Pierre Mauroy Stadium (Lille), Île-de-France National Olympic Maritime Stadium (Vaires-sur-Marne), Île-de-France National Olympic Maritime Stadium (Vaires-sur-Marne) ,Parc Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon), Stade Matmut Atlantique (Bordeaux),Stade Geoffroy-Guichard (Saint-Étienne), Stade de la Beaujoire (Nantes). Since the venues are somewhat far from one another, it will be exceedingly difficult for tourists to go from the center area to this area, making travel to watch the Olympics inconvenient. But don’t fret, you won’t have to worry about heavy luggage because you can travel anywhere you want to go in luxury with the bus rental service.

If you want to travel to locations in this region to watch the Olympics, you can save money on transportation by renting a bus for the duration of the journey because it is the outermost region and connects several French provinces.

Lyon - France

Lyon – France

Plan Your Routes

Because there are so many places to go and visit, visitors can make their own itinerary before renting a bus during Olympics 2024. We offer drivers and tour guides in addition to car rental services if you are unfamiliar with French roads. Make a detailed calendar for your bus rental services that takes into consideration the needs of your customers, peak travel periods, and the dates of Olympic events. To satisfy varying tastes, provide flexible options including one-way and round-trip services. This will guarantee complete safety when traveling in France in addition to the greatest possible vacation experience.

Additionally, you can learn more about the 2024 Olympics here. All the bus rental during Olympics 2024 you need are also available here.


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