Some historic and memorable moments of the Olympics

We should all gather together during the Olympics to admire the rings, commemorate sporting triumphs, and support our nation in the hopes that it will win gold. However, there will always be international strife, controversy, and global crises during the Games. These are the Olympic events that caught the world off guard, from record-breaking victories to boycotts, protests, and postponements to breathtaking displays of grace. Some of the sites that are keeping the history of the Olympics alive still exist today. It is convenient for visitors to visit these locations by renting a bus rental during Olympics 2024.

1. 1896 in Athens: The First Modern Olympics

The historical practice of athletic competition was revived in 1896 with the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. Spyridon Louis, a Greek athlete, won the marathon, making it one of the most memorable moments of the Games and a symbol of perseverance and pride in his country.

Greece’s capital city is Athens. This city is home to enduring examples of ancient architecture, including museums, arenas, and temples. If you get the chance to come here, you can freely explore and take in the area’s historic beauty by using a rental bus services 

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Olympic Stadium Athens Greece 

Olympic Stadium Athens Greece

2. The first female athletes competed in Paris in 1900.

For women, the 1900 Olympics represented a significant first. Up to the Paris Games, when their participation in lawn tennis and golf events guaranteed a place for women in the future, female athletes were not permitted to compete in the Olympics. With the introduction of women’s boxing at the London 2012 Olympics, a new gender milestone was achieved. Additionally, it was the first Olympic Games in history to feature female competitors from every participating nation.

The city of love and poetry, Paris, will host the Olympics once more in 2024. Visitors can rent a self-driving bus rental during Olympics 2024 to freely travel and enjoy this city, which has hosted the Olympics multiple times, and its well-known tourist sites.

Olympic 1900 - first female athletes competition

Olympic 1900 – first female athletes competition

3. 1936 Berlin: Jesse Owens smashes records

Hitler’s plan to use the 1936 Games as an example of the “new Aryan man” was thwarted when black athlete Jesse Owens broke records and won multiple gold medals. Afterwards, Owens forged a friendship with Carl Ludwig “Luz” Long, his German long jump rival, and their lap of honor came to represent the victory of sportsmanship over Nazi ideology. Explore Owens’s narrative and view exclusive videos of him during the Games.

Visitors can utilize the bus rental service to get from the gorgeous and romantic city of Paris to Berlin, the capital of Germany, which is home to innumerable mansions and museums in addition to outstanding architectural masterpieces. both acting and singing

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Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens

4. 1948 in London saw the first of wheelchair competitions.

Wheelchair athletes reached a turning point during the 1948 London Games. In order to aid in the rehabilitation of World War II veterans who had suffered injuries, English physician Ludwig Guttmann established the International Wheelchair Games. He invited wheelchair-using competitors to participate using sports therapy, and the competition eventually evolved into the contemporary Paralympic Games.

London is a stunning city in England that is well-known not only for hosting the most glamorous football event in the world but also for its many interesting architectural landmarks. The bus rental service is available for visitors to this location.

Wheelchair on bike track 

Wheelchair on bike track

5. Rome, 1960: Television coverage of the Games

The Rome Games marked a new age of commercialism and altered public perception of Olympians. This was the first Olympics to be televised and feature athlete brand endorsements. A negative aspect of the competition was also brought to light by the Games: the first doping controversy exposed the lengths some athletes would go to in order to take home the gold.

Italy’s Rome is a stunning city. Rome is placed farther away than Germany and Spain, but being near the French border as well. You can use a bus rental service to take in all that this road has to offer. It doesn’t matter if your health is up-to-par, as bus rental during Olympics 2024 will ensure comfort.

Public live event television coverage 

Public live event television coverage

6. 1968 in Mexico City: Sportsmen take part in a civil rights demonstration

Athletes of African descent were urged to boycott the Games during the height of the US civil rights movement. Instead, as the national anthem was playing during their medal ceremony, African American sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith performed a nonviolent protest by raising their fists in the Black Power salute. They were subsequently barred from the Olympic Village, but their silent protest elevated the American civil rights movement to a global forum.

7. Munich, 1972: Peace is overshadowed by terror

The Munich Games were notoriously tainted by tragedy when 11 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists. The tragedy raised security, but the message of global peace that the Olympics were trying to spread was irreversibly shattered.

As you are aware, France, which is adjacent to Germany, will host the 2024 Olympics. If you have the chance to witness the 2024 Olympics in France, you may extend your trip across Germany. Renting a rental bus with a driver and tour guide will make your visit easier.

8. African countries abstain from the 1976 Games in Montreal

The Montreal Games gave priority to human rights, following the boycott of the Olympics by 22 African countries due to New Zealand’s participation. When New Zealand dispatched its national rugby team to play in apartheid-era South Africa earlier that year, it incited indignation among African nations. This was the first of several Olympic boycotts driven by political reasons.

9. 1980s Moscow: US skips US games and hosts alternate ones

President Jimmy Carter asked American allies to withdraw their Olympic teams from the Games in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan when the Cold War was still going on. Instead of competing in the Olympics that summer, the United States held the Liberty Bell Classic in Philadelphia as a substitute event for athletes from boycotting nations.

Liberty bell

Liberty bell

10. 1992 in Barcelona: Professionals compete in the Olympics

The 1992 U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team, which included Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan among its stellar roster, earned the moniker “Dream Team” for good cause. It was the first time an NBA player who was currently playing was chosen for an Olympic squad. After winning all eight of their games to go to the final and overcome Croatia to earn the gold medal, the Dream Team absolutely destroyed the opposition. Many still regard the Dream Team as the best team ever put together in any sport.

Also at this Olympics, British sprinter Derek Redmond won over millions of hearts at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona with his remarkable bravery and tenacity. Redmond, the embodiment of the Olympic ethos of tenacity and fortitude, got help from his father to cross the finish line even after sustaining a hamstring injury in the middle of the race.

Spain is well-known for its scenic beaches and gorgeous cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Another point to consider is that Spain borders France, which is hosting the 2024 Olympics. If travelers get the chance to see the 2024 Olympics, they can explore both nations’ breathtakingly gorgeous and majestic landscapes by using bus rental services or hiring a driver.

11. Atlanta, 1996: Muhammad Ali marks the 100th anniversary of the Games

At the 1996 Atlanta Games opening ceremony, former heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame despite his battles with Parkinson’s illness. The centennial of the Olympics got off to an emotional start.

In addition to the prominence of Muhamad Ali, the 1996 Summer Olympics has many other interesting things waiting for you to learn more about.

Muhammad Ali 

Muhammad Ali

12. Sydney, 2000: A short unification of North and South Korea

During Sydney’s opening ceremony, North and South Korea marched together for the first time in a fleeting moment of camaraderie. The North and South Korean teams, dressed in the same clothes, joined hands and flew a unification banner with a blue map of Korea instead of carrying their respective national flags.

In addition , Australian sprinter Cathy Freeman won the 400 meters at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, sending shockwaves around the globe. Under the Olympic flame, Freeman’s spectacular performance brought Australia together and served as a symbol of peace and harmony between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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13. Athens, 2004: A redesign of the medal

The medal awarded to the winners of the Athens Games was redesigned by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Cassioli, who had previously used a picture of the Roman Colosseum instead of a Greek location. The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, one of the oldest stadiums in the world and the location of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, is currently present on Olympic medals. You can visit this historical site using bus rental services during Olympics 2024.

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The Roman Colosseum 

The Roman Colosseum

14. Beijing, 2008: Michael Phelps wins the greatest amount of gold in history

In the medley relay event at the Beijing Games, American swimmer Michael Phelps, the reigning champion, with his teammates broke the previous record. With the winning of his eighth gold medal (the most in an Olympic Games), Phelps surpassed his record-holding predecessor Mark Spitz in terms of medals earned. Phelps said, “Records are meant to be broken no matter what they are,” to his audience after taking home his seventh medal.

China’s capital, Beijing, is famous for both its mouthwatering traditional Asian cuisine and its stunning landscape. If you get the chance to come here, you can explore and taste the local food at your leisure by renting a bus rental 

Michael Phelps - owner of 8 Olympic gold medals in 2008

Michael Phelps – owner of 8 Olympic gold medals in 2008

15. 2020 Tokyo: COVID-19 postpones the Olympics

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Japan’s then-prime minister Shinzo Abe stated on March 24, 2020, that the Games would be postponed. The Olympics were formally renamed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics even though they were postponed until the summer of 2021 rather than being canceled outright—something that hasn’t happened since 1944.

Japan’s most contemporary city is Tokyo, where tourists can use the bus rental service to fully immerse themselves in the food and culture of the nation.

Covid - 19 

Covid – 19

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